Preserving Puzzles Like A Puzzle Queen

Many people enjoy puzzles in different ways. Some like to start building the frame/edge pieces first, others will start with whatever will connect together, and some won't build a single piece until it's all sorted.

Those are a few ways we start a puzzle, but what do we do when we're finished? Well, we've seen some people tell us that the first thing they do is run their hands over the entire puzzle.  They don't just do this to make it smooth, but they like to feel the puzzle, as if it's a reward for their well earned accomplishment. And then what? Some immediately tear it down and box it back up to be sold or given away to a thrift store, friend, or family member. Others will glue their puzzles together to be enjoyed for years to come, and some take it a step further and frame it!

There are also those who take pictures of their puzzles when it's completed so that they can both take it apart, while still "preserving" it to look back on. Our friend in Hawaii, "Auntie Lillian", is a wonderful puzzler. She has assembled many, many Cobble Hill puzzles, as well as other great brands.  

We have many wonderful photos of her finished puzzles from over the years, but this is the first time we've seen them captured this way! We're sharing a few fun photos from a thoughtful photo book that was created for "Auntie Lillian Queen of the Puzzles"! We thought this was such a sweet way to preserve the memories of a pastime that was thoroughly enjoyed and can be looked back on with fond feelings. 

Photo album cover of Auntie Lillian completing Cobble Hill Koi Pond.

I Love NYC puzzle
Great way to celebrate a map puzzle!

Nice grouping of dog and cat puzzles!

That's the owner's in-laws on the left! They're all very sweet too!!

Fun caption for this White Mountain Broadway puzzle! She's a star!

What do you think about keeping a photo book for preserving your puzzle memories?

We didn't ask where this exact photo book was made, but we know that you can order these through Shutterfly or MixBook (there are probably many other options too, those are just most popular - no affiliate here). We hope you have fun making memories, and preserving them! Have a great day!

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