Barnhouse's "Big Red" Inspires Recollections of Local Culture

by Elmer Prather, guest blogger

This is the 34th Cobble Hill puzzle that I have had the pleasure of putting together. It is a 1000 piece puzzle titled Big Red by Dave Barnhouse. This is the second of his puzzles I have put together. The first was titled Evening Services. I was drawn to his second puzzle by the great colors and friendly, homey setting. It shows a building that houses a Kinney Kone ice cream store and the Richmond Bros. Trucking Company. This is a combination that you do not often see. I enjoy traveling and have been to just about all of the towns in Georgia. I have seen many trucking companies and many ice cream shops but not both in the same building. The big red semi with all the shiny chrome accessories sitting out front is beautiful. It is no wonder that they titled this puzzle Big Red.There is another semi sitting under the covered area of the building.

Dave Barnhouse Big Red 1000 pc puzzle by Cobble Hill Photo Elmer Prather
"Big Red" by Dave Barnhouse. Assembled and photographed by Elmer Prather.

As I visit small towns in Georgia I am always interested in the local culture. It is fascinating to drive and walk around these old towns. Many of them have store buildings that once housed many different kinds of businesses but are now vacant and boarded up. When I find a town that is still alive and thriving I am excited for the folks who live there.

When General Sherman swept through Georgia, on his way to Savannah during the Civil War, he destroyed and burned almost every town he and his soldiers went through. The old towns not destroyed and the antebellum homes that are still there are a pleasure to see. Some of the old antebellum homes offer tours. Two good examples of towns that were not destroyed during the Civil War are Lagrange, Georgia, a hour south of Atlanta and Madison, Georgia, a hour east of Atlanta. These two towns are still alive and thriving. This puzzle reminds me of some of the old buildings in these towns that are still utilized after all these years.

As I travel and see these old buildings I try to learn the history of some of the more interesting ones. Things like who built it, what businesses were located in it since it was built and what architectural changes they have undergone down through the years.

I have been accused of "soaking up the local culture" when I travel to new places and I am proud to say that this is true.

Dave Barnhouse Big Red 1000 piece puzzle by Cobble Hill
Big Red 1000 piece puzzle by Dave Barnhouse

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