Top 10 2020 Cobble Hill Puzzles

With our website shut down and warehouse staff at less than 30% capacity (due to you know what), it may seem kind of crazy to post about our top 10 puzzles for 2020, so far. But, we want you to know that many of our retailers are still open! A lot of them are doing curb side pick ups, some are doing local deliveries and others have an online store.  Managing a website takes quite a bit of time and attention, so we're really proud of how some of our independent stores have quickly stepped up to create an online presence to serve the public.  It's been an unprecedented, but impressive few weeks!

Before we list the top 10, we also just want to mention that many of our online retailers are flooded with orders. The surge in demand has been disproportionately high to supply, not only of puzzles, but of staff.  If Amazon's shipping has been crippled, can you imagine how the rest of us are struggling? So we ask that you please be patient with them as they work diligently and safely to meet your needs. We can't thank you enough for supporting them! You can search our website for your local retailer, North American online retailer, and International distributors. Stay safe! And remember, you're not stuck inside, you're safe inside!

These are the top 10 best selling puzzles by consumers so far... from number 10 to number one!

10. Cabin Porch, 1000 piece by Greg Giordano.
Cabin Porch box. A Cobble Hill puzzle by Greg Giordano.

9. Hitting the Road, 1000 piece by Mary Lake-Thompson. NEW 2020 image!
Hitting the Road box. A Cobble Hill puzzle by Mary Lake-Thompson
8. Easter Cookies, Family Pieces 350 by Cobble Hill Creations (that's us)!

7. Amsterdam Canal, 1000 piece by Image World
6. Art Nouveau Tiles, 1000 piece by Barbara Behr. NEW 2020 puzzle!
5. Let's Go Fishing, 500 piece by Greg Giordano. NEW 2020 puzzle!

4. Vintage Tins, 1000 piece by Cobble Hill Creations. NEW 2020 puzzle!
3. Doughnuts, 1000 piece by Cobble Hill Creations. 
2. Common Quilt Blocks, 1000 piece by Cobble Hill Creations. Wow! Thanks everyone!
1. Portrait of a Quilt, 500 piece by Helen Klebesadel
There you go! We also have a best sellers list based on retailer orders. Can you guess which puzzle on this list also made the retailer Top 10 list?  We'll post the answer at the bottom of this blog. 

We also wanted to say thanks for making several of our Cobble Hill Creations Truly Original Photo puzzles our best sellers.  Our design team puts a lot of work into creating them, so it's great to get the feedback that it's worthwhile to do - we appreciate it! 

Mary Lake-Thompson (Hitting the Road #9) is a new artist for us this year, so we were really pleased to see one of her images make the list, thank you! You can visit her Shop by Artist page if you would like to see her other puzzles. 

And the one puzzle that made both the retailer and consumer Top 10 list is... 

Let's Go Fishing 500 piece by Greg Giordano
So great to see a 500 piece puzzle make the best seller list, amongst the usual sea of 1000s!

Let's Go Fishing is available at your local retailer or favourite online store.
On the USA and Canada Cobble Hill website, search item code: 85086

Visit our Covid-19 page for updates on our shipping status.
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