Top 5 Best Sellers from our NEW 2020 Puzzle Release

Every year we release a plethora of new puzzles in a variety of piece counts. Our grand total for 2020 is 95 NEW puzzles! It generally leans heavier on the 1000 piece puzzles as this is our most popular category. This year, we added seven new 2000 piece puzzles, 52 new 1000 piece puzzles, 20 new 500 piece puzzles, eight new Family Pieces 350 puzzles, and eight new Easy Handling 275 piece puzzles.

It's only been just over two weeks since we started shipping off our new puzzles to retailers across North America, but already we can see which new puzzles are leading the pack in sales. As Christmas is just around the corner, our top five best sellers come as no surprise. The winter wonderland scenes are at the top of the list, but number five will warm you up!  So, if you're looking for ideas, here are the top five best sellers so far!

All of these puzzles are available at our Preferred Retailers in store and online. You can search for one using our Find A Store link at the top of our website.

1. Santa's Tree by Tom Newsom (1000 pieces)

2.  Happy Pawlidays by Robert Giordano (Family Pieces 350)

3. Skating Party by Greg Giordano (1000 pieces)

4. Hill of a Lot of Snowmen by Janet Stever (500 pieces)

Please check out the review by our friends over at Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby with close up images.

5. BartistArt by Michael Breach (1000 pieces)

We hope you enjoyed seeing our top five best sellers so far from our new 2020 collection of puzzles. 

The Cobble Hill website will have these available at the start of the new year, but we would love for you to support our local retailers right now by visiting our Find A Store link.

We have seen just about every one of our Preferred Online Retailers order each one of the puzzles on this list, so if you can't find it local - they'll have it for you - if they haven't already sold out!

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