Life Experiences Raising Quail

by Elmer Prather, guest blogger 

This is the 23rd Cobble Hill puzzle that I have had the pleasure to put together. This one was a little more challenging than the other ones but the end results were worth the effort.

I have to have a connection with a puzzle before I spend that time and energy to put it together. This was an easy choice because of the year I spent raising bobwhite quail. Of course the quail in the picture are bobwhite quail.

"Quail" 1000 piece. Artist: Rosemary Millette Photo Credit: Elmer Prather
When I was 15 years old our next door neighbors had a modern, functional quail raising facility where they raised bobwhite quail. They had other businesses that they had to manage like a grocery store and a medal fabrication business. When they tired of all of the day to day work associated with raising quail they offered 25 pair of quail to their oldest son and I. He was a year younger than I.

My friend’s parents kept a record of the feed and supplies that were purchased for the birds and when
we sold them they took the expenses out of the money we received from selling the birds and divided the profit evenly between their son and me. By this time I was 16 years old and I used the money that I made raising the quail to purchase my first used car. I learned a lot from this experience.

I learned how to be a responsible entrepreneur, how to manage my time, how to organize work flows, how to deal with customers, how to work with others and how to raise quail.

Having this responsibility and opportunity at age 15 was a godsend for me. It is something that I will never forget. This puzzle is a great reminder of that time in my life.

Quail 1000 piece puzzle - box image - Cobble Hill Puzzles
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  1. Beautiful picture of the quail. I remember you working with the quail. It was a great learning experience for you. Great memories.