Does Cobble Hill Include Reference Posters?

For those who like immediate answers, yes, we include posters.  We encourage you to read on for the details and the exceptions...

THE BOX DESIGN: Cobble Hill was established in 2005 with a nostalgic look packaged in sturdy recyclable material so your puzzle could withstand being traded with friends or reshuffled on your stash shelf.  The box design comprised of a light beige colour that framed the image on the front of the box.  Each piece count offering was colour coded in various tints of either green, blue, or rust. We used tints of green for 1000 piece, blue for 500 piece, and rust for Easy Handling 275 piece.  So what about the poster?
Green = 1000 piece, Blue = 500 piece, Rust = Easy Handling 275 piece

THE PROBLEM: Well, for 13 years, there was no reference poster. Puzzlers simply used the front of the box as their only reference guide. For the most part, this was a non-issue.  And we know some feel like looking at the image is "cheating", so this post is probably irrelevant if you're in that camp. However, for those who do use the image, as the years passed more of these puzzlers were speaking up about the logo on the front of our box.  It blocked a small portion of the image in the lower right hand corner. On the Easy Handling 275 piece puzzles, this was less of a big deal because the logo would only hide a few large pieces. However, on a 1000 piece puzzle, there could be several hidden pieces due to the logo placement.
Eeks! Who is hiding behind our logo?
THE SOLUTION: So, after taking surveys and listening to our incoming comments, we believed adding a poster would be beneficial to many puzzlers out there. In 2018, we started including 9" x 12.45" (22.9cm x 31.6cm) linen print posters. How do you know if you get a poster or not? It will always say "Poster Included" below the logo if it's supposed to include one. The quality of the reference poster matches the texture of the box and the puzzle pieces.  We're pleased to report that the response has since been extremely positive! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, it makes a difference!! But, yes, the logo still blocks a portion of the image on the box (sorry)!

"Poster Included" is always noted below our logo. If you don't see those words, there's no poster.
THE TRANSITION PERIOD. This does bring us to the issue now of having two different types of Cobble Hill puzzles on the store shelves, and possibly for a few years. Retailers will still have the older "classic" box on their shelves as they sell through their current inventory - they may even have them mixed in with the new box design. When we made the switch to the new design, there was still stock in our warehouse for the classic box, so we continued to sell it to retailers who weren't ready to make all the Item Number or Mfg Part Number changes in their POS system - it's quite a bit of work for hundreds of SKUs!  So, it could be a while before certain retailers stop selling the old design.  So, if a poster is important to you, be sure the box says "Poster Included". It's a little trickier when you're ordering online.  Some hopefully helpful hints, look for the "Item Code" or "Mfr Part Number" or "Mfg Part Number" and it should start with an "8", not a "5". If it starts with a "5", then it is likely from our classic box.

Last point, please don't be fooled by our special boxes that do NOT have the classic beige frame around the image. We have designed some specialty puzzles with a different look, like those from the seven colour puzzles in the Rainbow Collection.  But, again, if you do not see "Poster Included" you will not see a poster inside the box.

So, we hope that answers the question for those who wonder why their puzzle did not come with a poster. In many cases, the retailer will also charge less for the classic box if they are stocking the new design as well. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop us a line!
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